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*Website owner is a personal member of these recognized paper money grading experts

About Us is a versatile and useful tool for United States paper money collectors, allowing them to see multiple notes for sale from a variety of different dealers. Collectors that wish to acquire a note can submit confidential offers to dealers. Once offers are made, steps aside, letting dealer and collector hash out the final price and payment terms. Then, at the end of each month, charges each dealer a set percentage of the total dollar amount of sales referred by as commissions.

Dealers are on their honor to report successful sales to

Any dealer with a regularly updated website containing a variety of USA paper money is invited to advertise for FREE on The process is easy:

  1. Dealer Applies Here requesting their inventory be listed on the website.
  2. reviews each applicant and their website.
  3. PaperMoneyAuction advises the dealer whether or not their application was accepted.
  4. If successful, the dealer does nothing more: will create a custom crawler that will index the dealer’s website and automatically categorize each note in the system.
  5. Next, the dealer waits for email notification from as customers make offers on notes.
  6. Finally, at the end of each month, charges each dealer a set percentage “success fee” or “dealer premium” for successful sales only.

Collectors/Buyers: is FREE to use and join!


  • No Listing Fees!
  • No need to waste time entering your inventory, because we do it for you!
  • Nominal Success Fee for successful sales: 2.5% for all notes.
  • It couldn’t be easier or most cost effective! Compare us to eBay and you’ll see why!

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"Friedberg Numbers" from Paper Money of the United States (19th ed.) by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg are used with permission of the Coin & Currency Institute
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