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Paper Money Websites

Important USA Paper Money websites, offering valuable infomation and market updates.

1. - A website with a wealth of useful USA paper money information, interesting facts including an explanation of serial number tables and note designs.
Standout Page: Complete List of All Signers/Signatures of USA Currency

2. - What list of paper money sites would be complete without, the official US Bureau of Engraving and Printing's website? Solid information about recent currency re-designs and new anti-counterfeiting measures.
Standout Page: USA Currency Annual Production Figures

3. -'s "Quick Reference Guide to USA Currency Values". Basic page meant for the non-collecting general public who might possess an old note and want a free basic appraisal of its value.
Standout Page: USA Currency Grading Guide

4. - An email listing site with vast answers to common paper money collecting questions. A bit visually disorganzied, but still worth visiting if you're looking for a comprehensive paper money information resource.
Standout Page: N/A

5. http:// - Standard Wikipedia page with some nice scans of high denomination notes, $500 thru $10,000. Great primer for collectors thinking about venturing into the "High Denomination" zone.
Standout Page: Fake Denominations of USA Currency (Don't be fooled!)

6. - Another standard USA currency page, with broad based knowledge about circulation of USA currency in other countries, including those which use it as their official and unofficial legal tender.
Standout Page: N/A - Scroll down the page to see an interesting chart of the buying power of the dollar charted over the decades compared to a 1774 "dollar".

7. - Nice glossary of common paper money terms, great for beginners looking to break-in to the hobby.
Standout Page: N/A

8. - Standard Wikipedia article about the Bureau of Engraving and Pring (BEP), its history, evolution, and current operations. The development of the Western Currency printing center in Fort Worth is also discussed.
Standout Page: Federal Reserve System Discussion

9. - Official Secret Service currency page, offering a history of USA currency and thorough discussion of anti-counterfeiting techniques and their development over the years.
Standout Page: Secret Service Counterfeit Note Report Form - (Adobe.pdf)

10. - American Numismatic Association basic article about United States paper money, with some of the most common questions from collectors and general public answered.
Standout Page: American Numismatic Association - ANA - Conventions

"Friedberg Numbers" from Paper Money of the United States (19th ed.) by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg are used with permission of the Coin & Currency Institute
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