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What Is My Bill Worth

The following links go directly to our sister site, This website has complete listing of nearly all collectible United States paper money, in addition to prices we'll pay right now for your currency.

Getting Cash for Your Old Currency is Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Click the denomination of your note (value in dollars) below.
  2. Find the type of note you possess and click its series year and letter if applicable.
  3. Submit your currency for consideration and get cash for your note!

Paper Money Value Guide

Click the denomination of Your note:
  1. $1 One Dollar Notes

  2. $2 Two Dollar Notes

  3. $5 Five Dollar Notes

  4. $10 Ten Dollar Notes

  5. $20 Twenty Dollar Notes

  6. $50 Fifty Dollar Notes

  7. $100 One Hundred Dollar Notes

  8. $500 Five Hundred Dollar Notes

  9. $1000 One Thousand Dollar Notes

  10. $5000 Five Thousand Dollar Notes

  11. $10000 Ten Thousand Dollar Notes

  12. 3 Three Cent Notes

  13. 5 Five Cent Notes

  14. 10 Ten Cent Notes

  15. 15 Fifteen Cent Notes

  16. 25 Twenty-Five Cent Notes

  17. 50 Fifty Cent Notes


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"Friedberg Numbers" from Paper Money of the United States (19th ed.) by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg are used with permission of the Coin & Currency Institute
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