Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What does it cost for buyers/customers to join PaperMoneyAuction.com?

Answer: It’s FREE to join and always will be!

2. I’m a dealer and want my inventory listed, what does it cost and what do I have to do?

Answer: All you have to do is Apply Here, and wait for your approval notice. Then, we’ll automatically index your website and include your notes for sale in our system – Absolutely FREE! You don’t have to waste countless hours listing each individual note because we do that for you. Dealers only pay a small success fee on each note sold to customers referred by PaperMoneyAuction.com during the course of a calendar month.

3. How does PaperMoneyAuction.com make money?

Answer: PaperMoneyAuction.com operates on a strict “performance based payment” model: dealers only pay for notes that were sold via PaperMoneyAuction.com customer referrals. Dealers are on their honor to report note sales to the PaperMoneyAuction.com system. Then, at the end of each month, the total dollar amount of commissions earned by PaperMoneyAuction.com will be billed to each dealer via Paypal.

4. You didn’t index all of my notes, what’s wrong with your software?

Answer: Because of the complexities and unique nature of each dealer’s website, we can’t guarantee 100% inclusion of every note for sale. In general, we strive to index at least 80-85% or more of each website’s inventory. At this time, single listings for multiple notes (or packs) are difficult to index: we prefer listings set in a tabular format for single notes. In time, we will introduce a feature that will allow dealers to manually include any notes we missed – or couldn’t properly index – in the PaperMoneyAuction.com system.

5. I don’t want any further email from PaperMoneyAuction.com, how do I unsubscribe?

Answer: We’re sorry you’re not interested in our promotional offers and newsletter. Simply write: support@papermoneyauction.com and your name will be removed from our list. Note, you will still be able to use the website as normal.

6. Why do I have to submit my address details and Paypal email if PaperMoneyAuction.com doesn’t actually send notes or dealer invoices to me?

Answer: If you’re a customer, we ask for this information upfront so that any offers you make to dealers will be conveniently accompanied by your shipping address and Paypal billing email. This makes transactions much faster and smoother.

If you’re a dealer, we need to save this information in order to help customers communicate with you. We also request your Paypal email so we can bill you for successful sales referred by PaperMoneyAuction.com at the end of each month. Your address and business information is vital to assuring customers that your business is legitimate. We take fraud seriously, and all cases will be referred to legal counsel when appropriate (*See Terms and Conditions on the Registration Page)

7. How can I speak to someone at PaperMoneyAuction.com in person?

A. Feel free to call us: +1-860-322-5415 *Long distance rates may apply
B. Email Us: support@papermoneyauction.com
C. Regular Mail:
Brendan Meehan – PaperMoneyAuction.com
6650 Corporate Center Pkwy
Apt. 1005
Jacksonville, FL 32216
D. Comment on us using forms throughout the website.

8. Does PaperMoneyAuction.com help with disputes between buyers and sellers?

Answer: In most cases, we do not. After a prospective buyer makes an offer to a dealer, negotiations and further conditions of sale are made strictly between buyer and seller. PaperMoneyAuction.com is strictly a referral site, not an actual auction house or online store. We can help provide dealers and sellers with information from our databases regarding specific notes, but will WILL NOT involve ourselves in any disputes. In cases of dealer fraud or gross misconduct, the dealer’s inventory will be removed from PaperMoneyAuction.com immediately. Similarly, fraudulent buyers will be banned.

9. How do I get my note in “Battle of the Bank Notes”?

Answer: Email Us: support@papermoneyauction.com and tell us about your note and/or online collection. We’ll need to see a scan of the note and record any interesting information you have about it (ie. pedigree, rarity, etc.). Anyone with scans of their currency can take part in “Battle of the Bank Notes”: it’s for buyers, sellers, and collectors alike.

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How can I speak to someone at PaperMoneyAuction.com in person?

A. Feel free to call us: +1-860-322-5415  *Long distance rates may apply

B. Regular Mail:
Brendan Meehan – PaperMoneyAuction.com
6650 Corporate Center Pkwy
Apt. 1005
Jacksonville, FL 32216

C. Comment on us using forms throughout the website.

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