Battle of the Bank Notes 1: Jhon E. Cash’s $500 Star Number 1 vs. Mike Abramson’s Serial 1 $100 United States Notes

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We’d like to introduce you to our regular series “Battle of the Bank Notes”. Today’s edition features Jhon E. Cash’s 1934 $500 Federal Reserve Note Star Number 1 from Kansas City against Mike Abramson’s 1966 $100 United States Note Number 1, a piece which formerly belonged to Amon Carter, United States paper money collecting royalty.

Here’s Cash’s Note:

Cash considers this note the “Holy Grail” of all small size US currency. He purchased it in 2001 from an estate sale brokered by another currency dealer.  It is a 100% original note with a solid grade from PMG of 58 Choice About Uncirculated. Only a slight corner tip fold keeps it out of the Gem designation.

Asking price: $325,000 USD

Notes:  Cash writes he most likely will not sell it, despite receiving many strong offers.

Next, here’s Abramson’s Note:

Abramson considers this note “the single most coveted piece of small size U. S. paper money”. Although not a star note, it still bears an impressive serial number 1 identification. The note has belonged to several noteworthy US currency collectors, including Amon Carter, Jack Fisher and John Whitney Walter (recent previous owner). Given this elite pedigree, extreme rarity, and almost impossible-to-find #1 serial, it’s not a  surprise that Abramson considers this note “The King of Small Size Currency”.

Asking price: $495,000 USD

Notes: This note is Raw, graded Choice Uncirculated to Gem Uncirculated.

More about Jhon E. Cash – Jhon E. Cash is the nation’s leading reseller of ultra-high denomination US currency ($5,000 and $10,000 notes). His website currently lists well over 300 notes for sale, totaling just shy of $4,000,000 in value. Additionally, Cash specializes in Star #1 notes, offering a few choice selections from his personal collection for sale. 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Black Eagle fans will drool looking at an impressive collection of fancy serial numbered notes, all in Uncirculated to Gem condition. Cash works with Brandon Kelley, a noted numismatic expert, to offer a full service website for both coin and paper currency lovers.

More about Mike Abramson, Partner, Executive Currency – Abramson teams up with Error Note specialist Frederick J Bart (consultant) and Doris A. Bart (partner) to offer a plethora of amazing small size notes, in addition to a formidable selection of large size type notes. Executive Currency proudly sells notes to both collectors on a budget or seasoned currency collectors looking for a memorable purchase. The seasonal catalog produced by Executive Currency is filled with fancy serial number notes, error notes, small size notes, and competitively priced US currency rarities sure to please even the most refined tastes in collectible paper money.

Comments are open…Who win’s this “Battle of the Bank Notes”?

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