Battle of the Bank Notes 6: Florida Calls $1 1917 Legal Tender vs. Sergio Sanchez’s $1 1917 Legal Tender

One of the more ubiquitous large size notes to collect is the $1 Legal Tender Note. Unlike its $1 Federal Reserve Note cousin, however, the $1 Legal Tender Note comes in a number of different varieties, signature combinations, and seal colors. In fact, assembling a complete collection of $1 Legal Tender notes ranging from their initial issue in 1869 to 1923 in uncirculated or better condition would be both fairly challenging and expensive.

If you’re not as picky about rarity or condition, this note is affordable in Very Fine to Extremely Fine condition, if you’re willing to be patient and hunt around for a good deal.

The first issue of $1 Legal Tenders in 1869 is known as the “Rainbow Note”, for its multiple colors: black, red, green, and blue tint on the upper portion of the note to discourage counterfeiters. The notes we’re featuring today are both Friedberg 36, $1 1917 Legal Tenders with small red seals and Teehee-Burke signatures. This is one of the more common notes among the collecting community. It’s important to remember that as the condition of the note improves, so does its price. Consider the following notes.

Check out these samples, the first from Florida Calls Currency:

Good Looking PMG 65 Gem Uncirculated with EPQ Designation.
Asking price: $745 USD

Here’s Sergio Sanchez’s $1 1917 Legal Tender Note:

Nice looking PCGS 65 Gem New with the PPQ designation.

Asking price: $650

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