Battle of the Bank Notes 4:’s 1934A $5 Hawaii FRN vs.’s 1934A $5 North Africa SC


It’s time yet again for another “Battle of the Bank Notes”. Today, we’re featuring World War 2 Emergency Issue Notes, one marked “HAWAII”, and the other a yellow seal silver certificate for North Africa.

Why were these notes made differently from regular issue currency that was circulated around the USA and ally nations?

Troops on the Hawaiian and North African fronts of the war were frequently paid cash for their services to our country. In the early 1940’s, this made sense as both an economical and fast way of compensating active duty soldiers. The Hawaii notes came into regular circulation for troops after the Pearl Harbor attack from Japan, while the North Africa notes were issued in anticipation of a major push into Europe emanating from that region of the world.

If the USA government used regular Federal Reserve Notes to pay troops and conduct other military related financial transactions, it risked the Nation’s currency falling into enemy hands; which could easily be returned to the USA and laundered to produce additional funding for enemy war efforts. To avoid this potential misuse of USA currency, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing created special Federal Reserve Note issues with the “HAWAII” overprint and yellow seal North African Silver Certificate notes. If large amounts of this money fell into enemy hands, it could quickly be deemed useless by the USA government; and the distinct markings of these notes would make them easy to recognize as non-legal tender by civilians and banks on USA soil.

Let’s have a look at’s $5 1934A Hawaii Federal Reserve Note:

This note is in remarkable condition, according to’s Mike Abramson, and that in and of itself makes it a rarity. Abramson also notes that it could easily make a Superb Gem New grade. As a result it might be under-graded by PCGS.

Asking price: $2,995 USD

Here’s’s North Africa Silver Certificate:

Ex. Thomas M. Flynn Collection writes that this note is a “superb” example, and hard to find on the high end of the grading spectrum. It’s priced to sell, and carries a pedigree. An outstanding specimen at a very reasonable price!

Asking price: $1,400 USD

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  1. I have A $5 1934A North Africa Silver Certificate (Yellow Seal).Serial #K43878563A. I am interested in selling it and would like an appraisel from your company. Thank You For Your Time.

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