USA Paper Money Guide Books

Major USA Paper Money Guide Books and Other Essentials

  1. Paper Money of the United States – Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg
    Considered the “Bible” of USA Paper Money Collecting, this book contains expansive information on curreny from Colonial times to the present, plus encased postage stamps. Images and data of all Large Size Notes, Small Size Notes, United States Notes (Legal Tender Notes), Treasury or Coin Notes, Interest Bearing Notes, Refunding Certificates, National Bank Notes, Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates, and Fractional Currency
    are offered. You can’t be a serious collector without this book!
    Paper Money of the United States
  2. The Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Paper Money – Thomas E. Hudgeons Jr.
    Another heavy-weight contender in the USA Paper Money Guide Book category, Hudgeons’ work offers a breadth of information on all USA Paper Money, Uncut Sheets, and Fractional Currency. Most importantly, current market valuations and pictures of each note are provided for quick reference.
  3. A Guide Book Of United States Paper Money: Complete Source for History, Grading, and Prices (Official Red Book) – Arthur L. Friedberg (compiler) – Friedberg’s guide book is yet another “must have” for collectors, offering a unique narrative of the history of USA paper money, full color photographs of important notes (front and back), plus current market value of every note printed since the Demand Notes of 1861. Recent market and hobby news are also discussed.
  4. Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money – Chester L. Krause
    Chester L. Krause is considered one of the pre-eminent USA currency experts, and collectors of all levels will benefit from his distinct and exhaustive guide to USA Paper Money. This book contains over 5,500 unique listings, plus over 11,000 individual valuations of individual notes. Krause also includes 600+ photos to help identify and catalog important notes. National Bank Notes are also covered.
  5. Whitman Encyclopedia of U.S. Paper Money – Q. David Bowers
    Teaming the classic “Whitman” label and an outstanding catalog of United States Paper Money, David Bowers’ work is an essential for every serious collector and currency dealer. Full color photographs of notes with important circulation and market valuation data are included. A must have!

Originally Written 2011

Major Collector Forums

Collector’s Universe – Ground zero for all USA paper money talk. Meet other paper money enthusiasts from around the country (and world). Great discussions about grading, upcoming auctions, and industry news. Paper Money Forum – Although much of this website is dedicated to coins, there is a forum organized for World and USA paper money fans. Great place to discuss new findings. Also, there is a small advertising section for dealers/auctioneers.

Coin Community Paper Money Forum – offers a friendly atmosphere and gathering place for paper money aficionados. Common discussions include: What’s it Worth?, Rare notes, interesting finds, and eBay auctions. An active community. US and World Currency Forum – This exciting forum offers links to various types of bank notes, noteworthy “Notes in the News”, and a virtual museum of currency. Fun and friendly forum.

Collecting Banter Paper Money Forum – Although this forum contains mixed discussion of both World Paper Money and USA paper money, it’s still worth a visit. Some threads are in foreign languages, which is helpful for those that speak English as a second language.

Originally Written 2011