CGC Currency Grading and Certification


Official Website:
Contact Name: Joe Bissell
CGC Contact Phone Number: 1-858-539-6737

Mailing Address:
Joe Bissell – CGC
7660 Fay Ave. Suite H-356.
La Jolla, CA 92037

How to Submit Notes

Submitting notes to CGC (Currency Grading and Certificationn) is easy.
1. Use the contact information above to submit notes to CGC.

CGC General Grading Service Fees

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CGC Additional Grading Services

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CGC Grading Standards and Numbering System

Numeric Grades Adjectival Grades Description
MS 67 Superb Gem++ For the most part, this is as good as it gets! There are, however, a few (68’s) in the world (a bison, rainbow, etc.). These notes are considered the Superb Gem ++
MS 66 Superb Gem It is possible to obtain several notes in (66), especially the lower Denominations. However, you’ll see anywhere from 10 to 100 times factor in (65’s) over (66’s). These notes are Superb Gems!
MS 65 Gem This is where the serious collector begins his journey. This is the level where GEM starts. This doesn’t mean the note is flawless, but it does mean this uncirculated note is very well centered, has a crisp, original, undamaged (no pinholes – aging/fading) – Just as it says, a true Gem!
MS 63/64 Choice Crisp Uncirculated Choice Crisp Uncirculated (ChCu) is usually fresher and brighter than an average Cu note. Must be somewhat well centered (close to even margins), but may not quite make the cut to Gem due to small imperfections.
MS 60/62 Crisp Uncirculated Crisp Uncirculated shows no trace of circulation. Centering may not be perfect, may have pinholes, smudges, wrinkles or a corner tip fold – But not into the design. Very crisp.
MS 50/59 Almost Uncirculated Almost Uncirculated (AU) appears new, but under examination reveals light use: centerfold, a horizontal fold, or just a light crease. Original paper/good centering.
MS 40/45 Extremely Fine Extremely Fine notes are lightly circulated and may have several folds, but still retains much crispness, should not have any tears, stains, or discoloration’s.
MS 20/35 Very Fine Very Fine notes have normal circulation qualities. May have folds, creases, and even smudges. A popular grade for inexpensive collecting.

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  1. blessings…after 18 months of collecting modern coins,i venture to the world fair of money in my home city of Philadelphia august 14, 2018…and there they were,paper currencys..jaw dropping…until I found your site…I CRIED TEARS OF JOY AT THE ATISTRY OF THESE NOTE HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD…I did get one black eagel start my note collection…and after seeing you video on collecting and investing I now have my first chief hunkpapa graded VF-XF..THANK YOU FOR SHARING.PS IM COMMING OUT OF RETIREMENT TO GET MY DURTY DOZEN…OR TWO…PEACE AND BLESSING

  2. Hello & good afternoon. I am collecting all types of error,sequential,star note & fancy serial numbered paper currency. Some are rare i know of & would like to start getting them graded to possibly have auctioned off. Am disabled due to cancer with a limited income to try & accomplish this. Can anyone help me thru this process? Have never had anything graded before & would like to know what my options are. Thank you in advance for any help advice or input. God bless & have a great day.

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