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1. Dealer must submit accurate name and address information. Dealer will not attempt to register multiple accounts, multiple usernames, or otherwise attempt to manipulate the normal registration process.

2. Once registered, Dealer must "Login" using the form at the top of this page, found by this URL: in order to evaluate offers from Users. The Dealer can "Logout" using the button found at the top of each page(displayed after successfully logging in). It is the responsibility of the Dealer to logout after using the website. In the interests of security, a one hour cookie is set for all Dealer login sessions.

3. Any offer made to a dealer is non-binding; however, any offer made is done in good faith. Dealers are not obliged to accept an offer any customer makes, and are free to negotiate different terms of sale.

4. Dealers are on their honor to report successful sales to the system, which can be accessed after logging into the dealer's page. reserves the right to audit any Dealer at any time to ensure is being credited for successful note sales.

5. Dealers are free to change pricing of notes without notice. does not index dealer websites in "real time", hence, there may be occassional discrepancies between prices and the actual prices found on the dealer's website. Further, Dealer reserves the right to change and/or raise a note's price without notice. Dealer can modify prices at the outset of any offer process, but can not in good faith raise note prices after a proper negotiation has taken place, ie. a "bait and switch" negotiation.

6. All negotiations between User(Client) and Dealer are confidential. Negotiations are conducted solely between User (Client) and Dealer; and is NOT involved in the negotiation process, nor will it act as an agent, arbiter, or legal counsel for Dealer or User(Client).

7. Any conflicts arising in the negotiation process between User (Client) and Dealer are NOT the responsibility of Further, will NOT participate in any sort of legal action taken by User (Client) or Dealer unless otherwise instructed by a United States Court of Law or legally binding arbitration by a proper third party.

8. charges Dealers a set commission for successful notes sales over the course of each calendar month. For all dealers, this fee is 2.5% of successful note sales. reserves the right to offer any Dealer special terms in the interests of better business. Dealers will be invoiced by Paypal for their total monthly success fees by the 20th of the following month. Payment is expected in full. Sorry, no E-checks are accepted, unless otherwise pre-approved by staff. Alternative methods of payment are available. Examples include, but are not limited to: Bank Wire, Cashier's Check, Bank Check,,, Personal Check (Subject to approval), or money order.

9. The Dealer agrees to not subvert, "go around", or otherwise remove's right to collect a premium on a note listed at this website. More simply, if a User(Client) sees a note on this website and makes an offer, is responsible for the referral of this sale. Avoiding the offer process by directly contacting the User for private negotiations is forbidden. Please use in good faith by negotiating offers made using the Dealer's control panel page, which is displayed after a successful login.

10. The Dealer agrees not to attack, deactivate, or otherwise hinder the operation of the website using scripts, intensive search engine indexing, or image "hot linking".

11. The Dealer's name, address, and email information are the sole property of, and will NOT be sold, traded, or otherwise offered to a third party. We take each Dealer's right to privacy seriously, and will NOT resell our information for profit.

12. The Dealer understands may, from time to time, send promotional emails to the Dealer. Dealer always has the right to "opt out" of any promotional mailing campaign.

13. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

14. The Dealer hereby indemnifies from any legal action in the event the website, note negotiation process, or website server is compromised by human error, server outages for maintenance or security reasons, DDOS (distributed Denial of Service) attack, other server abuses/attacks, power loss, terrorism, natural disaster, or any other "Act of God". Further, the Dealer indemnifies in the event private information is stolen as a direct result of a third party's illegitimate use of the website. will make a reasonable effort to secure its website, database, and Dealer contact details. Finally, the Dealer will hold harmless in the event a disruption occurs on the Dealer's computer that destroys data, corrupts files, or any other hardware/software failure that is the direct result of a Dealer's computer malfunction and NOT ie. (for example but NOT limited to) "While browsing, the Dealer computer crashes and Dealer loses a file containing important information." In this case, the fault lies with the Dealer computer and NOT

15. The Dealer reserves the right to have remove any and all contact information from its databases at the request of the Dealer at any time for any reason.

"Friedberg Numbers" from Paper Money of the United States (19th ed.) by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg are used with permission of the Coin & Currency Institute
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