Happy 4th of July! We’re Off This Week


We’re off this week due to travel, but wanted to wish all website visitors a happy, safe, and healthy July 4th holiday.

Here’s an interesting tidbit about United States Currency: ALL but the Third Issue of Fractional Currency (including first issue “Postage Stamp Currency”) were issued beginning in the month of July! In fact, the Second Issue hit the presses just a week after the July 4th, 1863 holiday! (Notes from the Second Issue starting running July 11).

So despite the dog days of summer, the B.E.P., or more accurately it’s predecessor the National Currency Bureau, were quite busy during the summer months of the Civil War era cranking out paper money for the nation to use. Clearly, the dramatic shortage in metal caused by increased ammo production for the Union army greatly impacted the nation’s coin supply.

Make sure to keep your currency collection away from the heat and BBQ sauce, even if you just HAVE to show off your favorite summer purchases to friends and family!