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Official Website:
PMG Contact Phone Number: 1-877-PMG-5570
PMG Contact Phone Number: 1-941-309-1001
PMG Fax Number: 1-941-309-1002

Mailing Address:
Paper Money Guarantee, LLC
P.O. Box 4755
Sarasota, FL 34230

How to Submit Notes

Submitting notes to PMG (Paper Money Guarantee) is easy. There are 3 ways:

1. Submit to a local authorized dealer. To find a dealer in your area, Click Here – Local PMG Authorized Dealers

2. Join the PMG Collector’s Society – Click Here to Join PMG Collector’s Society
Membership Fees: Free Membership Available, Associate: $39, Premium: $109, Elite: $249

3. Active members of the American Numismatic Association. Click Here to Submit Notes to PMG via American Numismatic Association.

PMG General Grading Service Fees

A. WalkThrough – 24 hour service – Fees Per Note:
1. Notes valued up to $50,000 USD – $125
2. Notes valued $50,001 to $100,000- $175
3. Notes valued $100,001 to $500,000 – $250
4. Notes valued more than $500,001 – $600
B. Express – 3 Working Days – Fees Per Note:
1. Notes valued at $10,000 or less – $75
C. Standard – 14 Working Days – Fees Per Note:
1. Notes valued at $3,000 or less – $40
D. Economy – 21 Working Days – Fees Per Note:
1. Notes valued at $1,000 or less; 5 note minimum order – $25 per note ($125 Total)
E. Bulk Submission
1. Small Size Consecutive Notes – $12 each*
2. Small Size Non-consecutive
Notes – $15 each*
* 50 note minimum, valued up to $1,000 each. Attribution fee of $5 per note charged when notes submitted for Bulk Services are not cataloged by Friedberg number.

PMG Additional Grading Services

A. Appearance Review – 12 Working Days- Free
1. No Charge
2. For notes that appear over-graded by PMG.
B. ReHolder – 5 Working Days – Fees
1. $10
2. Notes submitted for placement in a new PMG holder

C. ReGrade – Working time in days determined by grading tier level chosen (For example, ReGrade Express is 3 Working Days) – Fees
1. Grading Tier price
2. If you disagree with a PMG grade of your note, you may submit for ReGrade.

D. Internet Image – No additional work time added to grading tier chosen – Fees
1. $3
2. PMG makes a digital scan of your note in 72dpi resolution, saved in JPG (JPEG) graphics format.

PMG Grading Standards and Numbering System

Numeric Grades Adjectival Grades Description
70 Seventy Gem Unc The highest grade assigned. Notes have 50/50 margins and registration, and no handling.
69 Superb Gem Unc This note may be nearly visually indistinguishable from a 70; however, margins or registration just minutely off. No handling.
68 Superb Gem Unc Margins or registration are off slightly to the naked eye. No significant handling.
67 Superb Gem Unc Great color and eye appeal. A well-centered original note. May have very minor handling.
66 Gem Uncirculated Above average original note held back from superb quality due to handling and / or margins and registration.
65 Gem Uncirculated Strictly original note with great color and eye appeal. May have one or two minor distractions. Centering is above average.
64 EPQ Choice Uncirculated Original paper quality, but centering is off on one or two sides.
64 Choice Uncirculated Note is well-centered and shows signs of alteration (for example, pressing or re-embossing, etc.). No folds in design.
63 EPQ Choice Uncirculated Original but margins are tighton one or two sides. Good eye appeal.
63 Choice Uncirculated Imperfect centering. No folds in design. May be flat and have a flaw or two.
62 Uncirculated Strictly uncirculated note that lacks some eye appeal. May have tight margins, handling or corner tip issues.
61 Uncirculated Usually poorly centered and margins are touching the design. May have counting marks, smudges, pinholes or other problems.
60 Uncirculated A note with problems that result in diminished eye appeal (i.e. toned paper, small stain, fading, etc.), but no folds through the design.
58 EPQ Choice About Unc Premium grade note. May look like higher grade, but unfortunately, has a single vertical fold or one to two light corner folds.
58 Choice About Unc Often a note with a single fold that has been pressed or re-embossed to hide the fold.
55 EPQ About Uncirculated Two light vertical folds or a single fold with handling, but a nice original note.
55 About Uncirculated This grade is commonly assigned to a note with one or two folds that has been pressed. Note may have been re-embossed.
53 About Uncirculated No more than two vertical folds or a single horizontal fold, but folds are too heavy for a higher grade.
50 About Uncirculated Two heavier folds, or a light horizontal and vertical fold. Handling can be significant.
45 EPQ Choice Extremely Fine Usually a note with three light vertical folds that may look much higher grade, especially when note has little evidence of handling.
45 Choice Extremely Fine Many of the same qualities as above, but note is not original. Common alterations include attempts to diminish the appearance of folds.
40 Extremely Fine Three folds, one of which may be horizontal. Little, if any, circulation.
35 Choice Very Fine For years dealers and collectors called this grade VF-XF. This note looks Extremely Fine, but may have four to five light folds. Original examples (EPQ) will usually be attractive with little actual circulation.
30 Very Fine Still crisp, but may show a bit of circulation or light soiling. May have several light folds.
25 Very Fine A circulated note with good eye appeal, but has too many folds or too much soiling for a higher Very Fine grade.
20 Very Fine Moderate circulation with numerous folds, mild soiling but no serious detractions. A solid note but may have a minor defect.
15 Choice Fine Looks like a Very Fine, but may have too many folds or too much circulation to warrant a full Very Fine.
12 Fine Considerable circulation, rounded corners, pinholes, minor margin splits may be present, but the note will be whole with solid paper.
10 Very Good A solid, whole note with lots of circulation. Too limp or too many minor problems to make a fine grade.
8 Very Good Heavy circulation. Note is intact with no pieces missing. Soiling, light stains, splits or a missing corner tip are common for this grade. Note is limp.
6 Good Very worn, serious splits, fraying of the margins and minor damage is evident.
4 Good Very heavily circulated note with numerous small problems. Totally limp with impaired visual appeal. Commonly seen with small pieces missing.
PMG Term PMG Definition
EPQ An Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) note is, in the opinion of PMG graders, original and has not been physically, chemically, or materially processed to lend the appearance of a higher grade. Notes exhibiting normal wear-and-tear for their grade are eligible. For currency to grade GEM Uncirculated 65 or higher it must receive the EPQ designation. For complete details click here.
Original Paper quality is as issued except for normal circulation.
Handling Minor disturbances in the paper other than folds such as teller counting marks, crinkles and minor bends.
Registration Alignment of the face and back printing.
NET A “net graded” note is one which has had an adverse occurrence after it left the BEP. PMG will specifically state the reason(s) why any note is net graded. The PMG guarantee is not valid on any net graded note. A few reasons why a note may be “net graded” are tear, corner missing, repaired, re-embossed, washed, stained, ink or writing and PVC damage.

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