What is My Bill Worth


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Paper Money Value Guide

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  1. $1 One Dollar Notes

  2. $2 Two Dollar Notes

  3. $5 Five Dollar Notes

  4. $10 Ten Dollar Notes

  5. $20 Twenty Dollar Notes

  6. $50 Fifty Dollar Notes

  7. $100 One Hundred Dollar Notes

  8. $500 Five Hundred Dollar Notes

  9. $1000 One Thousand Dollar Notes

  10. $5000 Five Thousand Dollar Notes

  11. $10000 Ten Thousand Dollar Notes

  12. 3 Three Cent Notes

  13. 5 Five Cent Notes

  14. 10 Ten Cent Notes

  15. 15 Fifteen Cent Notes

  16. 25 Twenty-Five Cent Notes

  17. 50 Fifty Cent Notes

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Originally Written 2011

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  2. Can someone give me a call please I have a large a mount of Sallie bill I would like to sell $1 $2 $5 $20 dollars stare notes guards triples low numbers and stuff like. L00200006 on them. Please call 7065739685 ms Mae

  3. Hi Bryan, I happened to be reading the comments I also have a 2013 dollar bill serial number A 00002200E . I was also wondering if it was of any value.

  4. I have a $100 Federal Reserve Note 2009 A the serial number is
    LL 38775777 F. Any extra value due to the 5-7’s?

  5. I have $100 bill Federal reserve note 2013 At the serial number is MB 09291894 j I want to know if it is any extra money this $100 dollars bill, this serial number is for the eclipse total On 09291894

  6. I would luv for sum one to contact me I have alot if * bills 100,50,20,10,5,& 1$ bills a lot of defected coins would like too know do I have the eye and in can some one out there make$ off me!!!!

  7. I have a 2 dollar bill Star Note, in excellent condition, Serial Number: L03555333*
    Does it have value?

  8. i can’t find the value of this US $100 dollar bill anywhere. Can you please tell me the value?
    Series 2009 A serial number: LF 00061516 H

  9. I have 25 consecutive 20 dollar federal reserve notes NL 16531976 D to
    NL 16532000 D green seal . Are they worth anything?

  10. Hi i have a $100 bill with the serial number MF21888812A. ITS A SERIES 2013 , IS IT WORTH ANYTHING I KNOW ITS A PALINDROME BUT COULD IT BE WORTH MORE THEN $100

  11. I have a one dollar bill that the left hand corner was folded and the serial number printed on the folded part of the bill. Is this worth anything??

  12. Hello I have a $5 bill which I believe has a pretty unique serial number, but I was hoping that you could let me know whether I’m right or not?
    Serial number ML38438038F dated 2013

  13. I have a 2017 $1 bill serial number 10201002. What would be a rough estimate on how much I could get for it

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