WOW: $2 1875 Fr. 390 “Lazy Deuce” Serial Number 1


Ever heard of the “Lazy Deuce” $2 National Bank Note? It’s one of the more popular and rare large size National Bank Notes ever printed. The note gets its moniker from the large “2” laying on its side just above the name of the National Bank on the note. If you looked at the note vertically, the “2” certainly wouldn’t be “lazy”, it would look rather dramatic and very attractive!

Shown below is an extremely rare Fr. 390 $2 1875 Lazy Deuce National Bank Note from the Tradesmans National Bank of New York City, New York, charter 905. Even better, it is serial #1, all but unheard of among even the most serious of large size National Bank Note collectors. Dr. Frederick Bart is offering the note at, one of only 7 known Lazy Deuce serial number 1’s in existence.

The note grades as PCGS 15, Fine – Apparent. Any “apparent” designation means some sort of restorative work was done on the note, anything from a simple glue or tape job, right up to a professional retouching. In the case of this amazing note, grade is important but not as important as the rarity itself! (So don’t feel bad if you buy a good note in lower grades, they’re still worth something, believe us 🙂 )

This particular Lazy Deuce has an impressive pedigree, with some of USA paper money collecting’s royalty listed as former owners. It has only traded hands 3 times in the last 55 years:

James Wade -> Aubrey Bebee (1954) -> Harry E. Jones (1977) -> Dr. Frederick J. Bart (2006)

Any note associated with these names alone would command a high premium, let alone the fact that there are only 7 number 1 Lazy Deuces in existence!
1875 $2 Lazy Deuce Serial Number 1 Tradesmans National Bank New York Obverse
1875 $2 Lazy Deuce Serial Number 1 Tradesmans National Bank of New York Reverse

This note will cost you a cool $124,950, a price which definitely means business. Dr. Bart will consider trades and terms on any offers for this note.

Get in contact now, you could be the next landmark owner of this note!
Frederick J. Bart
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Roseville, MI 48066

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